We believe for Counter Culture Coffee, coffee begins with relationship. We feel that they are deeply transparent and passionate about coffee and seek long-term sustainable relationships with producers that share their same enthusiasm and vision. Once Counter Culture partners with a producer, they become family! Some of their relationships are just a few years old, and some date back for more than a decade. Counter Culture Coffee is committed to helping producers become successful through continual open conversations, frequent visits, the development of new sets of goals, investing in infrastructure, building trust, and offering stability and security to the coffee producing communities they work shoulder to shoulder with. Counter Culture Coffee is highly esteemed in the industry as pioneers of sustainable farming methods, developers of direct trade standards, and building a good sourcing model that’s not only good for the producers, but for the industry as a whole.


Alchemy founders on an origin trip to Honduras with Counter Culture Coffee

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We believe for Counter Culture Coffee, roasting is not just an automated process, but one that embraces creativity and passion. Each exclusive or unique batch of green beans is roasted to specifically unleash the natural flavors within that represent the meticulous hard work of the producers that devoted their attention to the seeds. Counter Culture Coffee further advances the quality of their roasted beans by running them through an optical sorter after roasting; which is unique in the coffee industry. An optical sorter machine is used to remove inconsistencies in a product, and typically Counter Culture Coffee will sort out anywhere from .5%-5% of their roasted coffee beans before distribution.



Representing coffee’s complex story from origin, to roast, and ultimately when it is served to our guests is a humbling, honorable, and a rewarding experience for us. Brewing coffee is a meticulous process of finding the right combination of grind, dose, water, temperature, volume, and technique. Although time consuming and tedious, our Baristas taste each of our coffee offerings daily; profiling their unique personalities to ensure we deliver each crafted cup of coffee to represent the Barista that extracted it, the roaster that roasted it, and the producer that nurtured it all the way back at origin.