We finally had an opportunity to open our first shop in September 2016 on the North Floor inside historic Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment; a 1901 cotton mill on the outskirts of downtown Huntsville. 

We were self-funded; which meant barely funded, and we needed to be smart and creative with the limited resources that we had available. We reached out to our amazing network of family and friends who came together to help us out with the use of their personal tools and skills, lots of heavy lifting, gallons worth of painting, and well needed encouragement and support. 

In the midst of all the construction, about every two weeks our team traveled to our Counter Culture Coffee Training Center in Atlanta, GA. It was our little playground for about four months where we learned, grew, and cultivated an amazing team culture through our frequent trips and research and development.

However, not much about our process of building something from scratch was glamorous. There was sawdust and coffee grime in every crack and crevice, lots of really hard work, and many long sleepless nights, but when we look back and see how far we have come, we are both proud and humbled. Without the support of our family, friends, roaster, and you - our story would be incomplete. We thank you, and we are privileged and honored to have you as part of our story!


“Blending the art and science of craft coffee and healthy bites towards the greater purpose of building sustainable community.” 

This is what we are all about, the alchemy of relationships, dialogue, environment, and creating a sense of place where people can gather and grow.  Coffee is a central ingredient to Alchemy, but so are you.  Without you, the experiment cannot be complete. You are the diversity, the spice, the culture, and the spark that the coffee is meant to inspire. 

We are passionate and love what we do. We are dedicated to serving some of the best coffees that are sourced around the world through our exclusive partnership with Counter Culture Coffee. Our commitment to coffee quality carries through to our other ingredients as we strive to be a purveyor of healthier food options catering to Keto, Paleo, and Vegan dietary preferences. Our espresso-based beverages are crafted with certified organic milk, and we use simple quality ingredients for our house-crafted syrups. We aim to source organic ingredients for all of our other in-house curated items whenever possible. Because we value helping our fellow small businesses, we work hard to support local farmers, businesses, restaurants, and artisans by incorporating regionally grown produce and goods into our menu. 

As much as we love our industry, we also love our community. At the end of the day, it’s all about people, and many of our customers quickly become our friends. This is the driving passion of the staff of Alchemy, and our staff represents the last step in a journey to deliver to you an ingredient meant to inspire your day. The relationships and interactions that we have with the coffee producers, wholesale partners, customers and co-workers is what propels us forward. We never forget how fortunate we are to work with such great coffees, and we love being able to share them with you. Knowing there’s always room to learn and improve, we would love to invite you into our process to grow with us.



We are greatly privileged to have partnered exclusively with Counter Culture Coffee, our Baristas are trained by some of the top nationally recognized industry professionals in the world. Each Barista is placed on a training track in order to complete various written and practical exams through the Counter Culture Certification Program at our CCC Training Center in Atlanta, GA . If aggressive, this process can take as little as six months, but most of our Baristas aim to complete their Counter Culture Certification within one year, and then further develop through educational programs and by staying abreast of current coffee trends and developments. Our team is the heart and soul of Alchemy Coffee, and is comprised of some of the most talented, kindest, and highly creative individuals that thrive on building relationships within team and community, and strive to provide a comfortable hospitable atmosphere for our customers. They are constantly pursuing new creative outlets, and we encourage our team to continually push the bar on experimentation of ingredients to formulate our house-crafted syrups and unique beverage offerings for our dynamic seasonal drink menu offered throughout the year.