Blending the art and science of craft coffee, beer, and healthy bites towards the greater purpose of building sustainable community.  This is what we are all about, the alchemy of relationships, dialogue, environment, and creating a sense of place where people can gather and grow.  Coffee is a central ingredient to Alchemy, but so are you.  Without you, the experiment cannot be complete, for you are the diversity, the spice, the culture, and the spark that the coffee is meant to inspire. 

Our staff represents the last step in a journey to deliver to you an ingredient meant to inspire your day, so that you can go out and change the world.  We believe in you, and because of that, we believe that you should have the best possible experience to blend together the experiences and relationships that make your life such a critical ingredient to the community.


This is our driving passion of the staff of Alchemy.  We hope that by creating an atmosphere of creativity, combined with a passionate pursuit of excellence in the brewing science of the world's best coffee, that we can bring the critical ingredient out - a social revival of third places.  We work, then we go home, and the third place is where the rest of life happens.  That is what we are about, a third place where you can meet friends, old and new, and become a part of the chemistry of this community.